You are reading Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, et al. this week.

You are reading Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, et al. this week. There is no bigger journey outside of ourselves than the search for something to believe in. Do some inward contemplation and questioning of what you believe (I won’t tell your grandma!). The purpose of this discussion is to share and not to convert. Be kind to each other and do not try to argue someone out of their beliefs. Diversity of thought and religion is a way to learn from each other. 

Answer/address the following: 

1. How has religion influenced your life? Did you grow up in a specific religious tradition? If not, how was religion viewed by your family?

2. What compliments and criticisms do you have of your religion or of the way your family participated in or refrained from religion? 

3. How much proof of a deity do you need to believe? Is scientific proof necessary? Is emotional experience enough? Are there those who have tried to argue you into believing what they believe (whether religious or other)? How successful was that? 

4. Which of the philosophers that you read for this week most appealed to you? Why? 


You should create an initial post of at least 350 words 

Did you?

  • show analysis of the given questions or issue?
  • include pertinent information from text or outside reading?
  • write with unity and coherence?
  • include a personal voice and personal insight about the issue at hand?
  • answer all questions asked? 
  • meet your word count?

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