Unveiling the Mosaic: A Personal Exploration of Ethnic Oppression in the US Healthcare System Assignment Overview: This solo written

Unveiling the Mosaic: A Personal

Exploration of Ethnic Oppression

in the US Healthcare System
Assignment Overview:

This solo written assignment invites you to delve into the complex and often invisible
realities of ethnic oppression within the US healthcare system. Through introspection,
research, and critical analysis, you will explore the specific experiences of one chosen
ethnic group, examining the historical and contemporary factors that contribute to
healthcare disparities and inequities they face.


● Develop a nuanced understanding of ethnic oppression and its impact on
healthcare access, quality, and outcomes.

● Analyze the historical and systemic factors contributing to healthcare
disparities for a specific ethnic group in the US.

● Identify examples of ethnic bias and microaggressions within the healthcare
system and their potential consequences.

● Reflect on your own role and potential biases in providing culturally
competent care to diverse patients.

● Propose strategies and initiatives to address healthcare inequities and
promote inclusivity within the healthcare system.

Assignment Structure:

1. Choose an Ethnic Group: Select a specific ethnic group in the US that you
are interested in learning more about. Consider factors like your own
background, geographic location, or personal connection to a particular

2. Historical Context: Research the historical experiences of the chosen ethnic
group in the US, focusing on their interactions with the healthcare system.
Explore historical events, policies, and practices that have contributed to
healthcare disparities and ongoing challenges.

3. Contemporary Challenges: Analyze the current healthcare landscape for
your chosen ethnic group. Identify specific disparities in access, quality, and
outcomes for various health conditions. Consider factors like language
barriers, cultural misunderstandings, implicit bias, and socioeconomic

4. Personal Reflection: Reflect on your own experiences or observations of
ethnic bias or microaggressions within the healthcare system. How might
your own biases, whether conscious or unconscious, impact your interactions
with patients from different ethnic backgrounds?

5. Strategies for Change: Propose specific strategies and initiatives that
healthcare providers, institutions, and policymakers can implement to address
healthcare inequities and promote cultural competency within the healthcare
system. Consider advocacy efforts, educational programs, policy changes,
and community outreach initiatives.


● National Institutes of Health Office of Minority Health:

● Links to an external site.

● Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Minority Health and Health

● Links to an external site.

● American Public Health Association Race, Equity, and Health:

● Links to an external site.

● National Association of Hispanic Nurses:
● Links to an external site.

● National Black Nurses Association:
● Links to an external site.

● Asian American Nurses Association:
● Links to an external site.


Your essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

● Depth of Research: Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the historical
and contemporary context of ethnic oppression in healthcare for your chosen

● Critical Analysis: Critically analyzes the root causes of healthcare disparities
and identifies specific examples of bias and inequity.

● Personal Reflection: Reflects thoughtfully on your own biases and potential
role in perpetuating or addressing healthcare inequities.

● Actionable Solutions: Proposes concrete strategies and initiatives for
promoting cultural competency and addressing healthcare disparities.

● Clarity and Organization: Presents information in a clear, concise, and
well-organized manner.


● This assignment is an opportunity for personal growth and learning. Approach
it with an open mind and a willingness to engage with diverse perspectives.

● Be respectful of the experiences and histories of the ethnic group you choose
to study. Avoid generalizations and stereotypes, and focus on individual
stories and lived experiences.

● Use this assignment as a springboard for further action and advocacy. By
raising awareness and proposing solutions, you can contribute to creating a
more equitable and inclusive healthcare system for all.

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