This is part of work that as per professor it

 This is part of work that as per professor it needs to be revised, below professor’s comment:

“This section is difficult to read because of all the grammatical errors and misspellings.”


 Pornography business started expanding since the advent of internet, their way of reaching audience has grown historically, even surpassing any previous forms of pornography, magazines, moves, books, among others. Also, pornography has been legally produced for years now, but, being adults the consumers. In this day and age, pornography has increased the male adolescent viewership which is an injustice in itself considering, they are not capable of understanding the context of the scenes they are viewing.

A study conducted by Zachary et al., (2014) aims to associate negative behaviors and feelings with online pornography use. It is not a surprise no mentioned how the internet and pornography has changed the way adolescents understand sexuality. As it is mentioned, since there is easy acces and availability to the internet pornography, it has become the major source of for getting sexual information,, having a negative consequence on adolescentes. Studies have concluded that those adolescents who regularly use pornography are more likely to engage in sexual activities at an early age, even sex with multiple partners or be engage in paid sex as well as unprotected sex. 

In general, modern pornography is not a realistic representation of sex, as they show males with large genitalia and abilities of mataining an erection on sexual encounters with are not realistic. Parents and guardians should provide  education to adolescents and mention the fact that many of the pornograpy performers are under the influence of drugs and plastic surgery to enhance the “abilities” seen in porn.. Even though, pornography’s  consumers are supposed to be adults who already have the knowledge that pornography is a fantastical representation of the real sex, it is important to always have in mind that adolescence are now  big consumers of pornography as well and they do not have the undersating because of the lack of sexual experiences and simply put, the brains of teeneagers, specifically the prefrontal cortex, is not develoed enough to understand context. Modern content of pornoghraphy causes distress in adolescents as they try to connect what they see in pornography with a realistic representation of sex, creating doubts and insecurities. (Peter et al., 2010)

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