This 5 page APA style research paper will be a


This 5 page APA style research paper will be a written overview of the latest articles, research reports, and cases on data warehousing. Describe recent developments in the field. Include in your report how data warehousing is used in BI and DSS.

Look at some of the leading magazines for talk about business intelligence – like CIO , or You may find others from the CSP library and your own search for data warehousing.

A suggested layout for your 5-6 page paper (including cover and references pages) would be:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction to your paper (tell the reader what you’re going to discuss in this paper – one to two paragraphs)
  • Description of Data Warehousing (what it is, why it’s important – at least three subheaders/topics – at least 1.5 pages)
  • Description of How Data Warehousing is used in BI and DSS (at least 1.5 page)
  • Summary (about two-three paragraphs)
  • References page (at least four)

Don’t forget in-text citations to scholarly articles and professional (magazines/digital) resources. Remember, every reference listed must have at least a few in-text citations. Likewise, any in-text citations must be listed as a reference. This is to help the reader find the information if they would like to dig deeper.

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