The aspect of improvement of the infrastructure networks in Texas

For this Case Assignment, do the following: Do not submit more than 3 pages of your first draft. This can include your Introduction section, for example. Your writing skills will be reviewed and critiqued. Beginning an introduction and draft can sometimes appear difficult. For example, you may find yourself writing and rewriting a sentence or paragraph while questioning the choice of words. To get started, review Step 6: Write the Introduction from the Required Sites. In this review, you will learn about: (a) The Grabber—or Lead, (b) The Transitional Sentence, and (c) The Thesis Statement (compare with that from Brizee, A. and Tardiff, E., 2013). Submit your thesis statement. Your statement should be (a) at the end of the first paragraph (introduction), (b) logical and convincing, and (c) supported by a quotation. Remember that you must support your claims with quotations properly cited. With every citation, you must supply a reference at the end. Topic: “The aspect of improvement of the infrastructure networks in Texas” References: Brizee, A. and Tardiff, E. (2013). Tips and examples for writing thesis statements. Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab. Retrieved from: Baker, J. and Brizee, A. (2010). Writing a research paper. Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab. Retrieved from:

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