Subject : LEGAL & ETHICAL ISSUES IN HEALTHCARE Course : Nursing Assignment Help


Course : health care managment

1) This is a full case study assignment. It is expected that you follow the diagnosis + describe + defend method.

I recommend that at least 50% of your assignment is the defence of your solution.

2) Students are writing an individual case study response (not in groups or pairs).

3) Students will pick a real life case (check news pages) for their response.

For example, the state-sponsored euthanasia of Indi Gregory

4) The case will deal with some problem with allocation of resources (e.g., treatment, money, organs. etc.).

5) Case studies responses will be around 1500-words but can be more.

6) Students are permitted to use resources outside of the course materials but they must be cited properly or be penalized for plagiarism.

7) Plagiarism or use of Artificial Intelligence (including sentence or essay extenders, inflaters, expanders, etc.) will result in failure of assignment (and possible academic sanctions by the University).

Grammarly or similar grammar-check software is acceptable, so long as it is not writing new content. Please note that overuse of such software will still cause AI detection and possible penalty.

I recommend that student have their assignments proof-read by the Writing Centre.

8) Students can use APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. style of citations.

9) Preferred format – single MS Word file, 11 point-font, Times New Roman, single-spaced, narrow margins.

(Please check this post periodically as I will add more advice as new questions arise.)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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