Section A: Research Question(s) : i) Look out at the

Section A: Research Question(s) :

i) Look out at the worldly managerial and business phenomena around your group, and focus your group’s curiosity on a specific area of interest.

 ii) What is the specific area of interest that your group is curious about? 

iii) Discuss and synthesis one or a handful of relevant/sequential research questions that will inform your group on the specific area of interest. (RQ statements usually start with How, What, When, Why, Who, Where)

 iv) Explain briefly but clearly how each research question(s) leads to satisfying your group’s curiosity on the specific area of interest? 

v) How will the outcomes/findings on the research question(s) benefit the scholars and/or the business field?

Section B: Research Design

vi) What is the nature of your research questions – Exploratory/Descriptive, Explanatory/Causal, or Anticipatory/Predictive? 

vii) Based on your group’s research question(s) from Section A above, please argue and provide your views on whether this research endeavour is likely to be a qualitative or quantitative research? 

viii)From your group’s answer on (vii) above (qualitative or quantitative), which Research Design is considered most suitable for your research endeavour. Please refer to the Summary Table (Table 2.1) on page 47 of the textbook, or Slide 37 in our Week 2 Lecture. 

ix) From (viii), please explain and justify why your group selected this Research Design, and how does it fit your research questions. (Choose one of four research designed discussed in Week 2 – Experimental, Cross-sectional, Longitudinal, or Case Study) 

x) What are the potential weaknesses/limitations in selecting this Research Design? Any possible way to mitigate these weaknesses/limitations? (Egs. Internal validity, External validity, etc – only where relevant to the design)

NOTE: 800-1000words Max 4-5 pages. The topic is already chosen just need to answer the research questions and make the research design.  The research design should be Quantitative.

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