Please write an paper of 2/3 pages (excluding cover, title,

 Please write an paper of 2/3 pages (excluding cover, title, abstract, references …etc) on any topic of your choice which relates or is discussed in chapter one of our course text. Your paper must relate DIRECTLY to the subject of this class and to chapter one. 

* The four purposes of research include exploration, description, explanation, and application.*


Also, please use an abstract for your assignments. Among other things, an abstract is basically a summary of your work and helps summarize and introduce your work at the initial time. It also gradually leads your readers into your work. It is part of APA and required to be about 150-250 words (class abstracts can be shorter). Your abstract should be on a page by itself immediately after your cover page – with the title or sub-title “Abstract” centered on top of your abstract.

 Your paper should have a problem statement section or an introduction. This is the place where you articulate the “why” or the reason or the problem or concern or lacuna why you are writing your paper. For example, what gap in the law are you trying to highlight or solve? If there is no problem or concern, why write? Please see SAMPLE Statements of the problem or Introductions in the Course Material Folder.

 Please remember to use APA in-text citations to support your work so readers may not think that you are speculating or guessing. 

  Please note that you must explore the “Policy Implications” of your work. You can do this last as in “Conclusions AND Policy Implications.”  Please always end your work with a subheading like “Conclusions AND Policy Implications.” This is where you summarize or itemize your “conclusions” and then proceed to suggestions/recommendations BASED on your work or on your conclusions. 

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