Please provide a response to this discussion. APA. 250 word Nursing Assignment Help

Please provide a response to this discussion. APA. 250 word minimum w/ reference. Thanks! 

Compare the primary care NP role with other APRN roles. 

          The primary care nurse practitioner (PCNP) has a unique opportunity to have great impacts on a diverse population. a specialized nurse that can work independently or with another clinician. The independent PCNP can have an autonomous role which means that he or she has the freedom to and commitment to assess, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications for their patient. They can work in a private practice, within hospital systems, and within physician groups. 

          The PCNP is one type of advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) which requires earning a master’s or doctoral degreeand must also earn a board certification. The four types of APRNs are certified nurse midwife (CNM), certified nurse specialist(CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), and the nurse practitioner (NP). The CNM is one that provides care to women specifically around childbirth. The CNS is one that has a clinical specialty and uses that focused experience to support the field in education, research, as a clinical expert, and as a consultant. The CRNAs are a group of nurses that administer anesthesia in surgery, and other situations that require anesthesia (Hamric et al., 2013). The PCNP is then a subset of the nurse practitioner roles. 

          Though all APRNs can provide direct patient care, they are all very specialized in the way that they carry out their roles. 

What are similarities among the roles?

          Similarities within the PCNP role and all other ARNP can be explained by reviewing the core competencies of advanced practice nursing. All APRN’s have a primary criterion that starts by earning a graduate level education, and a board certification. Their practice is then focused on the patient and family according to that specialty. The central competencies include direct clinical practice and are then supported by the core competencies. The core competencies consist of guidance and coaching, consultation, evidence-based practice, ethical decision-making, collaboration, and leadership (Hamric et al., 2013).

What are the differences?

          We can point out the differences between the PCNP and other ARNP in the same review of the core competencies in the specific certifications, and focused practice. The primary care nurse practitioner role provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and medication in a primary care setting, versus the CNM who’s patient population are birthing women, the CRNA who manages anesthesia for all types of patients, and the CNS who has a specialty that they cater to (Hamric et al., 2013).

How would you communicate the role to a healthcare provider and a consumer?

          When discussing the PCNP, it appears that it is helpful to use the setting in which these NPs practice. By highlighting that they often work in private practice and among primary care physicians, it is easier for the consumer to understand that the PCNP has the education and clinical background to provide care across the lifespan. When further explaining the role of the FCNP we can discuss their role in health promotion, preventative care, patient education in managing signs and symptoms of conditions, and education to manage risk factors and ways to decrease the incidence of disease.

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