Overview Creativity and diversity can lead to outcomes that both



Creativity and diversity can lead to outcomes that both maximize  profit and enhance social well-being. Business leaders use measurable  factors to help determine design and development decisions, “go” or  “no-go” milestones, financial models, and many “what if” scenarios. In  this process, the new product or service is considered as part of a  system.


You rocked your BMC and received a great response from the  experienced project manager (PM). As you read the feedback, you realize  that it’s now time to develop the financial component. In the comments,  the PM also stated that no matter how good an idea is, to senior  management, it’s a “no-go” if the new product or service does not  produce sales.

In preparation for your funding pitch, which you will submit as your  course project in Module Seven, the PM also warns that funding pitches  are quick and decisive. Including too much information could overwhelm  senior management, cause more questions, and erode the purpose of the  funding pitch.


The PM’s directive at this point is for you to develop a 24-month pro forma  that demonstrates the potential profitability of the new product or  service in an income statement. You will use the Module Six Assignment  Template linked in the Guidelines for Submission section to complete  this assignment.

You may use the current company’s income statement to project what  can be added to the company’s profitability. This can be found in the  company’s 10-K. Look to other companies in the marketplace with products  or services similar to the one you are proposing as a basis for your  projections. Additionally, you may use the company’s current year  numbers and key assumptions based on your analysis of the market to  project into the future. Remember, these numbers are purely speculative.

In the template, you will specifically address the following:

  • Previous fiscal year: Identify historical information for the previous fiscal year.
  • 24-month projections: Speculate projections for 24 months.
  • Explanation of assumptions: Explain how you were able to speculate appropriate assumptions.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit the completed Module Six Assignment Template Word Document as a Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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