In this assignment, you will  write and design a  one-page manual that teaches a specific audience tips and tricks on how to

In this assignment, you will 
write and design a 
one-page manual that teaches a specific audience tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn. 

The goal is to give your audience information on how to use LinkedIn. You can set it up as hints to a great profile, do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn, or any original way you can come up with to teach your audience about how to use LinkedIn effectively. (Think of it like teaching your little sister or mom how to use Instagram. What are some things they need to know, things to avoid doing, and pro tips that make it easier.)

You will choose one of two specific audiences to target for this manual: college students or mature professionals.  Below I have defined each audience thoroughly. When I first open your manual to grade it, I should be able to tell immediately which audience you are targeting from the design, title, wording, pictures, etc.


· The manual must fit on one page. 

· Be creative and make the steps easy, brief, and clear.

· No more than 8-10 steps/tips are permitted.

· Follow all design principles to create a clean and simple design that meets the audience’s needs.

· Pay careful attention to white space, typography, headers, graphics, and color.

· You must use a design program like Canva. 

This article 
explains other design programs like Canva.

The text you write must be original, or, to say it another way, all writing must be in your own words. I will send your text through Turnitin, so please avoid plagiarism.

· You do not have to cite sources for pictures unless they are copyrighted. Please find non-copyrighted images.

· No blurry or hard-to-read images!!

· The final product must be saved as a .pdf or an image file like e.png or .jpeg.

NOTE: You may email me a draft to review; however, I need the draft by midnight on Thursday to have time to give you feedback.

Audience Details: PICK ONE of these audiences for your manual

College students aged 18-25: College students are generally not familiar with LinkedIn but are excellent with internet research. These students want and need excitement but don’t want to work hard to find the necessary information. Most of these students need jobs but probably do not know how to use the LinkedIn network to aid their search. Social media is a second language to this audience, but LinkedIn has a professional tone, which can lead students to make mistakes that make them appear unprofessional (therefore, not right for the job). 

Mature adults aged 55-65: Although they have a few grey hairs, this group has the hang of LinkedIn more so than younger folks. They know the power of LinkedIn and want to find ways to increase their visibility on the site. Any new information must be presented in a logical manner that isn’t overly technical. This audience is experienced in the business world and networking; however, they are unsure how to harness the power of LinkedIn to further their career.

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