In one paragraph, identify what articles you used in this


In one paragraph, identify what articles you used in this series of portfolio assignments and describe what you have learned about the topic you worked on throughout the semester as part of the portfolio project. In this paragraph, you should also discuss if your views on your topic have changed. If your views have changed, you should discuss how they have and if they haven’t, you should discuss what information supported your previous views. In addition to what you learned about the topic, there should be a discussion on what you learned in terms of skills in evaluating sources of information. Finally, in a few sentences please comment on anything that you learned from the feedback that you received about your topic. Your grade will be determined by how carefully and thoughtfully you have answered these questions, and will not be negatively influenced by how much you say you have learned

The assignment must be typed and submitted to Canvas. Submissions via email or in the Canvas comments will not be accepted. Late assignments will lose a half letter grade every 12 hours, and will not be accepted after the third day. The assignment must be in Times New Roman font, size 12. The document must have 1-inch margins, and paragraphs must be indented and double-spaced. The assignment must be at least 1 full page long, but no more than 2 pages long. If you do not reach the page requirement, you will lose points for not including enough detail throughout your work Finally, you must follow the rules for citing via APA and include 2 references with a corresponding in-text citation for each reference. These references are the articles that you used for GEA 2 and GEA 3 that you should be referenced within this assignment. Finally, do not plagiarize someone else’s work. This includes randomly switching words in sentences.

The files attached are both my peer-reviewed article work and an article found onlinsubmitted, along with an example review workr. The assignment details and instructions are above. If you have questions about the assignment, feel free to message me

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