In a memo or report format, answer the following questions.

  In a memo or report format, answer the following questions.  Note: make sure all figures are numbered and labelled.  1.Provide an explanation describing how a block model is created from exploration information to visualization in Vulcan.  2.How many blocks are contained in the Yellowbird model? 3.What is the elevation range of the Yellowbird topo? 4.Calculate the resource tonnage and average grade per bench for the Yellowbird model with an AU cutoff grade of 0.005 oz/t and 0.01 oz/t.  Present results in a formatted table.  5.In this lab you assign a tonnage variable to the model, what other variables could you see a mining engineer calculating in a resource block model? Please list a minimum of three. 6.Calculate resources of the Yellowbird deposit by Class above 0.005 oz/t. 7.What is the resource tonnage (Measured & Indicated) and average grade if the price of gold drops to $500/oz?  What if the price increases to $1300/oz? Hint: you need to calculate the breakeven cutoff grade. 8.Create a grade tonnage curve for the measured and indicated resource only with cutoff grades from 0.1 to 1.0 at 0.1 increments.  

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