I know a lot of us are tired of talking

I know a lot of us are tired of talking about the pandemic or doom scrolling the news. For those of us who are burnt out, You can do a 4 page write up of how your media consumption has changed before/after March 2020. Please utilize TWO reliable outside sources that discuss changes in media use or new ways media is being utilized after March 2020. 

Questions to consider: 

Where do you get your news? 

How do you keep in touch with your loved ones?

What new games or telecomm systems are you using? 

Did you purchase new subscriptions? 

Did you donate to a go fund me you found through social media? 

Have you engaged media in new ways for the first time since lock down began? 

Do you think you will continue using media in the same way when social distancing eases?

Do you like the amount you zoom?

Do you prefer online instruction or in-person?

How important is access to social media and internet to you before/after March 2020?

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