Homework Content You are serving in the role of a public Nursing Assignment Help

Homework Content

You are serving in the role of a public health consultant. As the subject matter expert, you have been asked to identify a key social determinant and propose a potential solution through the development of health policy either at the state or federal level. You will present your findings at the next town council meeting.


It is important to understand the different forms and categories in which health care policies are created. This assignment will help you identify and understand determinants of health that may influence and can be impacted by the development of health care policies.

Review this week’s readings related to health care policy and social determinants of health.

Assignment Deliverable

Select 1 social determinant of health that resonates with you and/or is present in the community you reside in.

Create a 5- to 7-slide (not including the title slide and reference slide) presentation with voiceover to share at an upcoming town council meeting. Include the following in your presentation:


Introduction: Introduce the health disparity you have selected and describe how this disparity impacts the health of the community.

Actions to Address: Based on your research, identify 3–5 actions that could impact this disparity and lead to better health outcomes for the population impacted.

Policy/Legislation: Identify existing health policy/legislation or propose new health policy/legislation (clarify whether this would be at the state or federal level) that could address this disparity. Discuss the type or form of health care policy and how it could be implemented.

Conclusion: Explain the anticipated results and time frame.

Note: Your presentation must include a voiceover. Detailed speaker notes are optional.

Cite at least 2 scholarly sources to support your presentation.

Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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