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Text Wrestling Peer Editing




Read ONE classmate’s text wrestling essay. Select a classmate who does not have peer feedback yet. If everyone already has peer feedback, then you may choose anyone to give your peer feedback too. Answer the following questions:

1. Write individual reflections detailing how this essay compares and contrasts with your own essay.

2. Address the 

Emily Wray RISE Model Peer Feedback Questions

1. R – Reflect: Recall, ponder, and articulate (ex: I relate/concur/disagree with X because Y. I liked what you did with X because Y. You could ask yourself “What did you find most compelling about your classmate’s essay? What did you relate to or respectfully disagree with and why?” If you disagree with something, perhaps they can use that as a counterargument they disprove later.)

2. I – Inquire: Seek information and provide ideas through questioning (ex: Have you considered looking at X from Y perspective? When you said X, am I understanding you to mean Y? You could ask yourself “Besides what is already in the essay, what can you ask your peer to possibly add as another perspective to their essay that either proves your peer’s position or allows your peer to disprove a counterargument from someone who disagrees with them?)

3. S – Suggest: Introduce ideas for improvement of CURRENT iteration (ex: You might consider tweaking X for Y effect. You might want to include supporting information from X resource. You could also ask yourself “What particular areas of your peer’s essay need strengthening, clarifying, more evidence, supporting details, anecdotes, etc.?”)

4. E – Elevate: Raise to a higher degree or purpose in FUTURE iterations (ex: Perhaps you can expand this in X capacity to further address Y. Perhaps you can re-purpose X as Y for Z. You could also ask yourself “Besides what is already in the essay, how can something be added to the essay to make it seem more innovative/groundbreaking?”)

Here is an example of a student voicing peer feedback using the Emily Wray Peer Feedback Model: 

Watch “STUDENT EXAMPLE: Using the RISE Model for Peer Feedback”

Remember to be kind while being a critic. Being a critic will help strengthen your classmate’s essay and help them earn higher grades on the final draft. Be sure to watch this video on how to be a thoughtful peer editor critic to your group members: 

How to Write a Good Discussion Board Post.

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