Effective Team Communication Competency

Examine team member communication, collaboration, and strategies for developing team intelligence. Scenario Information As a leader, you have been tasked with building a team whose purpose is to recommend a new performance evaluation system. The current system is outdated and greatly reduces employee morale each year. Instructions As the leader of this problem-solving team, you are tasked with ensuring the team has effective communication, in essence, developing team intelligence. You have observed the team and noticed some challenges that have arisen in the team thus far, such as communication and team conflict. The company has asked you for a one-page report outlining the challenges of the team and your recommendations. In your report, you will want to: Describe communication challenges team members often face. Assess strategies you can use to resolve team conflict. Discuss team mental models and how best to use them to build effective team communication. Provide your recommendations of conflict strategy, which team mental model to use, and how to manage team intelligence strategically.

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