Does the media agenda-setting role influence the public’s political

If you get to the end of your source analysis and decide it’s not relevant after all, don’t turn it in. Note: No undergraduate or masters-level papers! Maximum of one dissertation. Include the following for each source analysis: 1. Correct MLA or APA citation. 2. 3-5 (or more) quotations from the source that will be useful to you. Use correct in-text citations, including page numbers! 3. Your reflection on the source and what it means to your thinking about your project.

This section alone must be a minimum of 200 words! Do not summarize. Analyze. Some useful analysis questions: How does this source surprise or inform you? Does it change your perspective? In what way? What questions does the source leave you with? Are there problems with the research or aspects of the methodology? Does the source agree or disagree with your other sources? In what way? Be specific. Do not attempt to analyze a full book. Select one chapter for each analysis. Each chapter or article should be 8-50 pages. If you find a shorter source you still want to use, that’s fine, but don’t use it for one of your 8—or, you can analyze more than 8 sources. I will send my last order you write for me and sample to you,follow it,thank you,if still any questions connect me.This is Source analysis#3 and #4. I will send you source analysis 1 and 2 ,dont do same thing.And I will send example,do format like that.

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