discussion 1 De-motivated Daisy Imagine that you are Daisy’s manager.

discussion 1

De-motivated Daisy

Imagine that you are Daisy’s manager. Daisy’s approach to her work is unorganized, and she has not completed a single assignment all week. She appears to be distracted and unfocused, and seems either unable or unmotivated to keep up with the necessary pace of work. You have a very important project deadline that is fast approaching, and you desperately need Daisy to be attentive and to perform at peak capacity. Detail how you plan to encourage Daisy to meet performance standards. 

discussion 2

Vision and Values

In their 2009 article, Darling and Heller contend that “The Key to the successful management leadership of organizational development in today’s era of dynamic changes is thereby embedded in the leader’s thoughts and feelings.” The authors identify four leadership strategies they believe are necessary for organizational excellence: attention through vision, meaning through communication, trust through positioning, and confidence through respect.

Based on other readings for this course, and referencing at least one other article, comment on the extent to which you agree with the assertion made by Darling and Heller that a leader’s thoughts and feelings are paramount in determining the leader’s success and therefore the success of the organization. Do you believe that Darling and Heller have identified a new approach to management in turbulent times? Why or why not? 

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