Description College of Computing and Informatics Case Study Deadline: Tuesday 05/13/2024 @ 23:59 [Total Mark is 14] Student


College of Computing and Informatics
Case Study
Deadline: Tuesday 05/13/2024 @ 23:59
[Total Mark is 14]
Student Details:
• You must submit two separate copies (Word and PDF) using the Assignment Template on Blackboard via the
allocated folder. These files must not be compressed.
• You are responsible for checking and ensuring you have uploaded both the correct files.
• Zero marks will be given if you try to bypass SafeAssign (e.g. misspell words, remove spaces between words,
hide characters, use different character sets, convert text into images or languages other than English or any
kind of manipulation).
• Email submissions will not be accepted.
• You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented. This includes filling in your information on the
cover page.
• You must use this template, failing which will result in zero marks.
• You MUST show all your work, and text must not be converted into an image unless the question specifies
• Late submission will result in ZERO mark.
• The work should be your own; copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks.
• Use Times New Roman font for all your answers.
Description and Instructions
Pg. 01
Description and Instructions
Case Study Objective:
This case study is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge and to develop
skills of working in teams.

Total Marks = 14
Project Report
10 marks
4 marks

Group Size = 3-4 Members.

One group member (group leader/coordinator) should submit all files: Project
Report and Presentation Slides on blackboard.

Marks will be given based on your submission and the quality of the content.
Project Report

Each Project Report will be evaluated according to the marking criteria in each
question section.

Each group need to present their projects in week# 14.
Pg. 02
The global economy went through a difficult period due to COVID-19. Many
businesses did struggle, and some unfortunately failed. While COVID-19 brought
immense challenges, it opened doors for new business and innovative opportunities.
Peloton’s Rise and Fall
Peloton, the high-end at-home fitness company, initially thrived during the early stages
of the pandemic. With gyms closed and people stuck at home, demand for their
stationary bikes and fitness classes skyrocketed. However, by 2022, they faced
significant challenges. They overestimated demand and built excess inventory, leading
to stockpiling and financial losses. Competitors like NordicTrack and Echelon offered
cheaper alternatives, chipping away Peloton’s market share. Rising inflation and
interest rates squeezed consumer spending, making luxury items like Peloton bikes less
affordable. Peloton cut expenses, closed stores, and laid off employees to streamline
operations. They launched lower-priced bikes and accessories to broaden their
customer base. They invested heavily in their app and content offerings, enhancing the
virtual fitness experience. Collaborations with retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and
Amazon expanded their reach. They focused on building community and the emotional
benefits of fitness rather than just pushing product sales. While the road was bumpy,
Peloton’s efforts are starting to pay off. They have reduced losses, streamlined
operations, and seen renewed customer demand. The company has shown resilience
and adaptability in the face of adversity.
Note: The case mentioned above is just an example; students should find
a case study of a business that faced significant challenges during the
pandemic but found innovative ways to overcome them.
Question One
Pg. 03
CLO1: Explain
theories, and
trends in ES and
their role in
Question One
4 Marks
After selecting your case study, describe it in your own words by using the
following points.

Clear introduction: It should give the most important information that
describes the case study. What is the nature of the product or service they
provide? (0.5 mark)

Business process: Describe in detail the key business processes; how
are they done? (1 mark)

The business situation: It describes their situation based on the
business process. What changes are made to these processes to
overcome the situation? (1 mark)

The Issues: State the problem/issues, consequences, and any
hesitations in the business process. (0.5 mark)

The strategies: State the key success strategies that helped them to
navigate the pandemic challenges. (1 mark)
Answer 1
Case Study: “Rebuilding Trust After Corporate Misconduct at Wells Fargo”
Wells Fargo is a well-known financial institution. However, it is currently
experiencing massive business environment challenges resulting from corporate bank
misconduct issues. Wells Fargo is an international bank whose operations span
different financial services, including banking, mortgage, investments, and insurance
(Srinivasan & Goldberg, 2023).
Question One
Pg. 04
Wells Fargo Key Business Processes: Customer Acquisition, Financial
Transaction, Risk Management, Compliance, and Customer Service. This should
include Marketing, Account Opening, Loan Processing, Investment Advisory,
Regulatory Reporting, and Dispute Resolution.
The business issue has been that the bank faced a trust crisis due to corporate
misdeeds linked to account fraud and inappropriate sales practices. Redesigning its
process to rebuild trust through increased compliance and offering a better customer
experience was what this bank did to flip this scenario. It brought about changes such
as those in the leadership, more internal controls, and programs to restitute customers.
Issues: The primary issue that Wells Fargo has contested is the eroded trust of
its clientele and stakeholders, which is based on the organization’s malpractices. This
led to impacts like reputation loss, regulatory investigations, lawsuits, and customer
erosion. Reluctance to do business consisted of regulatory compliance, financial fines,
and rebuilding customer trust.
Others were related to transparency, accountability, cultural transformation, and
customer-centric initiatives. The bank brought the theme of trust into focus by
channelling open communication, ethical leadership, and forthrightness regarding issue
resolution. On the other hand, there were investments in technology, training and risk
management, internal control mechanisms, and compliance frameworks.
Pg. 05
Question One
Question Two
Pg. 06
Question Two
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standardized diagramming
CLO4: Design ES
system that visualizes business processes.
3 Marks
models for

current process. (1.5 mark)
various business
Use one of the tools, such as Visio, to model the chosen enterprise’s

Analyze the model process issues from at least two perspectives: time
and quality. (1.5 mark)
To be able to answer this question, I will design a BPMN diagram using the
modelling of Wells Fargo’s current business processes on a software tool, e.g., Visio. I
will then analyze the model process problems from time and quality perspectives.
A BPMN diagram should describe important processes such as customer
acquisition, financial transactions, risk management, compliance, and customer service
activities and decision points that belong to them.
Question Two
Pg. 07
About time, there might be problems such as waiting for account opening due
to manual paperwork or long approval processes for loans or investments, slow
response in addressing inquiries or customer complaints, which can delay operations
and hurt operational efficiency (Srinivasan & Goldberg, 2023).
Potential quality problems that might arise due to errors or mistakes in financial
transactions, regulatory reporting, or customer data could result from the fact that
standard procedures are not in place or are not adequate, training is not available, or
controls are just not effective. These problems could lead to violations, financial losses,
and damage to reputation.
Such process problems can be analyzed in terms of recognizing an
improvement opportunity in efficiency, accuracy, and quality of customer service.
Pg. 08
Question Two
Question Three
Pg. 09
Question Three
2 Marks
Propose at least two suggestions for improving the process of your selected
company from the perspectives of equipment, employees, IT, and IS
CLO3: Discuss
the issues and
technologies. How will your suggestions solve business process issues? (1
associated with
Note: The suggestions or solutions you provided should differ from those the
implementing ES
company used to overcome the pandemic. (1 mark)
and their impacts
on corporate
Robot Process Automation Implementation:
RPA technology can automate manual and repetitive tasks in banking
processes, such as data entry, document processing, and account reconciliation.
This means RPA can simultaneously reduce processing time and possible
errors, optimize operational efficiency through workflow automation, and free up
human resources for other value-added tasks.
RPA enables Wells Fargo to streamline processes, improving the accuracy of
financial transactions, compliance reporting and customer service. Impact customers
and reduce costs.
Training and development programs
Invest in comprehensive team member training and development programs
related to banking operations, compliance and customer service.
Question Three
Pg. 10
Provide ongoing training on new technologies, regulatory requirements and
best practices that enable the workforce to evolve based on business requirements and
industry trends, which provide employees with the tools and resources needed to
become effective service providers in a culture of continuous improvement and
innovation (Srinivasan & Goldberg, 2023).
Banks must be able to enhance their processes. With advanced technologies,
this business process eliminates the need for routine functions and enhances team
members’ skills and knowledge to create great customer experiences.
Question Four
Pg. 11
Question Four
1 Marks
Based on your information and the course materials, what innovative
approaches can enterprises adopt to strengthen their disaster recovery plans?
CLO3: Discuss
(1 mark)
the issues and
associated with
implementing ES
and their impacts
on corporate
Enterprises can further cement their disaster recovery by embracing emerging
strategies that modern technologies power. With cloud-based backup and recovery
solutions, large and infinitely scalable data storage is offered, ensuring data security.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning give room for predictive analytics to be
used to identify risks and vulnerabilities before they escalate into a crisis. The
technologies help implement proactive risk management (Srinivasan & Goldberg,
2023). Moreover, based on this resilient infrastructure, the development of other
redundant systems is made, which may be associated with their failover mechanisms
that ensure operational continuity with the least or no disruption, maintaining the
essential services at all times. Businesses that are unceasingly on their pathway and not
destructed by such unexpected events or disruptions are made to stay on their path by
including such innovative strategies in an enterprise disaster recovery plan.
Question Four
Pg. 12
Srinivasan, S., & Goldberg, J. S. (2023). Recovering trust after corporate misconduct
at Wells Fargo. Harvard Business School.

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