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Purpose:To recognize that individual culture does impact womans health care, communication, nutrition, and family influences that shape the families you are caring for.

Concept:Cultural Diversity  

Objective:  Write a paper regarding a culture and its impact on families, contraception, conception and birth.

Instructions:  Create a cultural diversity paper.

  • This project is to a be written paper 5 pages in length APA format.These 5 pages include a cover page and a reference page. 
  • Refer to Purnells’ Cultural Competency as a guide to assessing the patient in the identified culture from your Health Assessment course.
  • Is education valued, are boy children preferred over gril children?How do they view families?Is contraception allowed and who is involved in the decision making regarding birth control choices?
  • In an unintended pregnancy is adoption allowed?Is assisted reproductive technology accepted?What about donor sperm or surrogacy?
  • Who attends childbirth?Where do women have babies?What are the special practices employed to support the new mom and baby?Who in the family system makes decisions regarding the woman’s health?
  • What implications does culture present to the issues of womens’ health care?

See below ( 10 points)

Refer to Purnells’ Cultural Assesment Tool to address additional questions to enhance each section  (See attached)



Description of requirement:

Total with comments



Overview of culture that   is not familiar to you.

  • Study and investigate the role fo women in   the culture you have chosen
  • Is   education valued?
  • Is   one gender preferred over another?
  • How   does this culture view families?



What health care   practices does this culture embrace that may be different than Western   medicine?

a.What   practices may interfere with health care?

b.What   are the major illness common to the culture you are studying and what are its   implications on pregnancy and birth?



What spiritual or   religious practices does this culture follow? 

a.Is   contraception allowed and which forms are acceptable?

b.Who   makes the decision regarding contraception choices?

c.Is   assisted reproductive technology acceptable, donor sperm, surrogacy?Is   adoption allowed?

d.What   gives strengths and meaning to life?



Birth practices   specific to your assigned culture:

a.Where   do the women have babies, ( home birth, hospital, birth home) and who attends   the birth?What are the special   practices employed to support the mom or new baby?

b.Who   in the family system makes decisions regarding the woman’s health such as an   emergency cesarean section?

c.Include   an explanation regarding how the content provides a focus for nursing   assessment and or nursing interventions and nursing advocacy.


Expert Solution Preview


Cultural diversity plays a significant role in shaping healthcare practices, communication, nutrition, and family influences within different communities. As medical college students, it is crucial to recognize and understand how individual cultures impact the healthcare needs and choices of the families we may be caring for. In this assignment, you are required to write a paper exploring the impact of a specific culture on families, contraception, conception, and birth. Through this assignment, you will delve into various aspects of cultural diversity and its implications for women’s healthcare.


1. Overview of culture that is not familiar to you:
For this section, you will choose a culture that you are not personally familiar with. Study and investigate the role of women in the chosen culture. Explore questions such as whether education is valued in this culture, if one gender is preferred over another, and how the culture views families. By providing an overview of the chosen culture, you can establish a foundation for further exploration of its impact on healthcare practices.

2. Health care practices embraced by the culture:
In this section, focus on understanding the health care practices embraced by the chosen culture that may differ from Western medicine. Identify practices that may interfere with healthcare and explore major illnesses common to the culture and their implications for pregnancy and birth. By analyzing the cultural healthcare practices, you can gain insights into the unique challenges and considerations that healthcare providers may face when caring for individuals from this culture.

3. Spiritual or religious practices followed by the culture:
Examine the spiritual or religious practices followed by the chosen culture. Explore whether contraception is allowed and which forms are considered acceptable. Investigate who makes the decisions regarding contraception choices. Additionally, consider whether assisted reproductive technology, such as donor sperm or surrogacy, is acceptable within the culture, and whether adoption is allowed. Finally, explore what gives strengths and meaning to life within this cultural context. Understanding the spiritual and religious beliefs of a culture is crucial for providing culturally sensitive and appropriate healthcare.

4. Birth practices specific to the assigned culture:
Analyze the birth practices within the chosen culture, including where women typically give birth (e.g., home birth, hospital, birth home) and who attends the birth. Explore the special practices employed to support new mothers and babies within this cultural context. Additionally, consider who in the family system makes decisions regarding a woman’s health, particularly in emergency situations such as the need for a cesarean section. Discuss how the content you have researched for this section provides a focus for nursing assessment, interventions, and advocacy.

Through this assignment, you will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of culture on families, contraception, conception, and birth. By examining different cultural perspectives and practices, you will be better equipped to provide culturally competent care and address the unique healthcare needs of diverse populations.

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