Class is Business communication Module 1. discussion forum read the article: The Use of Technology to Combat Plagiarism in Business Communication

Class is Business communication

Module 1. discussion forum read the article: The Use of Technology to Combat Plagiarism in Business Communication Classes. Your initial post should highlight the main aspects of the article. After summarizing the article provide your own thoughts or experience on plagiarism. Conduct research on the use of plagiarism and how it negatively impacts education. Provide at least one outside source to your initial discussion. (LO 2)

Module2.Communicating in Business

Your task is to read the statements in the form posted in Week 2 and rate your perception of your communication skills.

Module 3. In an increasingly interconnected world, the way we communicate has undergone a transformation from traditional to modern methods. After reading Module 3, discuss the shift from traditional to modern communication methods. Consider the following questions while writing your initial response:

What were some common traditional communication methods that people used before the digital era?

Are there any aspects of traditional communication that you find nostalgic or still value today?

How has the shift from traditional to modern communication influenced societal trends, culture, and even activism?

In what ways has modern communication affected business practices?

Share your thoughts, experiences, and insights regarding the transition from traditional to modern communication methods. Feel free to draw upon personal and professional experience, cultural observations, and relevant examples to support your viewpoints.

Module 4. Business communication, done well, requires thoughtful planning and carefully crafted media. Research is a key component of building good communication, and research, while perhaps hard to wrap one’s mind around, is like any other project. Secondary research plays a crucial role in the content of reports by providing valuable context, data, and insights obtained from existing sources. Your task is to explain what secondary research is and how it is effectively employed to provide support to various types of reports. Points of discussion could include: the definition of secondary research, available sources, types of information, supporting arguments, guidelines for proper citation, etc.

Module5. Everyday we encounter hundreds to thousands of visual images, but why do some images stick in our minds while others just get glossed over? Color, positioning, patterns, and repetition are all features that can can be engineered to convey a message within an image. Images play an important role in persuading an audience of a particular message, but a downside to this is that images can be interpreted in various ways based on people’s history and experiences.

Breaking down the design components of an image is also a helpful when you need to design or create an image or logo to convey a message for your own business needs.

For this week’s discussion, design a logo or image that represents your own personal brand or a company’s brand. You may use your name/initials or a company name. The logo must visually communicate something about you or that company represents. Ask yourself: What do I want to communicate about me? What shapes, forms, fonts, etc. will help to visually communicate my ‘brand’? You can use any digital design tool or hand draw your logo.

Along with your image please provide a short summary describing your process of completing this project and to analyze the choices you made in the final version. You will discuss why you chose a particular logo shape, use of colors, and the reasons for any revisions.

Module6. Watch the three videos from this week’s learning materials. Analyze the videos and compare the information presented. How can this information be utilized to communicate efficiently and effectively in the workplace?

Module7. Public speaking is a skill that transcends industries and professions, playing a pivotal role in personal and professional success. Whether you’re presenting to a small team, addressing a large audience, or even engaging in everyday conversations, the ability to communicate effectively in public settings holds immense value. Discuss the importance of public speaking in a business setting. Be sure to identify and explain the key aspects of effective public speaking.

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