Case Study #1 Susan and Ken, both 29 years old,

 Case Study #1 Susan and Ken, both 29 years old, met in a bar. They talked for a couple of hours, during which time Susan disclosed “her entire life story.” She was very expressive about her interest in Ken and repeatedly said things that made him feel as if he was the most wonderful man she had ever met. At the end of the evening, Susan went back with Ken to his apartment. After they had sex, Susan told him she felt she was in love with him, that he was the man of her dreams, and that she could not believe she was in a relationship with someone like him. The intensity of her behavior made Ken uneasy, and he got her to leave by saying he would call her the next day—even though he had no intention of doing so. They had exchanged phone numbers at the bar, and the next day Susan called him. He told her that he did not think it was a good idea for them to see each other again. She became angry and started screaming, calling him very demeaning names. He hung up on her. Over the next several days, Susan left 12 messages on his voicemail and texted him repeatedly, vacillating between apologizing for her behavior and being angry, insulting, and threatening. The calls and texts continued, and she began stalking him, showing up at his home and place of work. Ken eventually obtained a restraining order. 

 Identify the case study you selected. Explain what features of borderline personality disorder the primary character exhibits. Explain how the concept of splitting is demonstrated, and describe the role that empathy plays in the splitting. Explain challenges a forensic psychology professional might have when working with individuals with borderline personality disorder. 

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