. Basic Structure of the Case Analysis The case analysis Nursing Assignment Help

. Basic Structure of the Case AnalysisThe case analysis will be written in three parts:A. Summary of the case (1 page)a. The summary gives a brief overview of the problem that the case addresses.b. Case: This section also provides the details of the case in the following order:•Patient description•Case history• Investigations/treatment plan/ Spiritual/religious/cultural issues•Expected outcome of the treatment plan (if given)•Actual outcome (if given)B. Religion/Culture/Ethics Discussion (1 page)a. This section should highlight the main spiritual questions raised from the previous section with arguments for and against the point of viewtaken in the case.b. This section should also deal with the worldview and cultural aspects of the patient and the students’ understanding of them.c. The student will interact with the case the most in this section, making suggestions to help the patient.C. Conclusion (½ page to 1 page)a. The conclusion and final analysis highlights proposed solutions/recommendations for the patient and gives strategies for accomplishingthese.b. Any additional comments about the case should be inserted here.D. Referencesa. Cite case being analyzed and use at least one other case of a similar nature to the present case to compare methods for dealing with problems(paradigm case).b. This case should be cited on the final reference page***The analysis should be double spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font and follow APA style, with and abstract and title page, have 1 inch margins, with centered headings and be in thirdperson.*** Please make sure your paper is stapled and presented in class on time. I am not responsible to pages that are lost due to not being stapled. 

Once at  the end of the case analysis answer the questions  put on separate page and answer 

What is the issue? What is the goal of the analysis? What is the context(s) of the problem? What key facts should be considered? What alternatives are available to thedecision-maker? What would you recommend — and why? 

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