As the marketing project manager, you are ready to present

As the marketing project manager, you are ready to present your marketing project plan and marketing campaign to your supervisor on mental health

create a 10- to 15-slide  Microsoft® PowerPoint® with notes

The presentation should showcase your proposed marketing project plan and the integrated advertising campaign and should on mental health

  • Summarize the need for your new hospital program in your community.
  • Identify key data points you collected that support the need of the new program. 
  • Identify the chosen marketing strategy for your new program.
  • Define your targeted audience based on your market segmentation in previous assignments.
  • Include your specific message(s) you will use in your integrated advertising campaign.
  • Identify the tasks and their order of importance needed to implement your marketing project plan.
  • Explain when and how you will evaluate your marketing project plan.
  • Identify a projected timeline of evaluation.
  • Identify tools you will use to evaluate your plan.
  • Identify resources and data that will be used to determine success in your marketing project plan and new program.
  • Based on anticipated changes in the future, discuss how health care marketing strategies can change.
  • Consider external influences that may guide strategy changes.

Cite 3 references.

Format APA guidelines.

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